We work with almost all sorts of fresh fruit and vegetables grown in Croatia and other countries, but our most recognizable product is the mandarin.

  • The mandarin orange (lat. Citrus recitulata), called mandarina or mandarinka in Croatian, belongs to the Citrus family.
  • It thrives in subtropical regions due to its sensitivity to cold and especially to temperatures below zero.
  • The Neretva valley is a great area for cultivation of citrus fruits. Citrus fruits are significantly cultivated in areas between the 40th parallel north and the 40th parallel south and there are only three places north of the 40th parallel where these fruits can be commercially cultivated – one being Opuzen in the Neretva valley, which is situated on the 43rd parallel north.
  • The mandarin succeeds best in the Neretva valley, which has the most favourable conditions for plantation cultivation of high-quality Unshiu mandarins.
  • The production of mandarins in the Neretva valley has its advantages over production in other countries. These advantages can be seen in the fruit’s quality, its organoleptic properties and above all its ripening time.
  • They are grown on an area of 1,500 hectares
  • The total yield is around 70 000 tonnes, with the tendency towards increase

Besides mandarins, we purchase and sell almost all sorts of fruit and vegetables, some of which can be seen in our photo gallery.