About us

Jasenska Ltd. is one of the leading companies that deal with purchasing, processing and distribution of fruit and vegetables, primarily the mandarin. It was founded in 1998. with a focus on production, processing, purchasing and distribution of mandarins from the Neretva valley. As time passed the company grew and expanded, opening its purchasing and distribution centre in Zagreb, from which it now deals in purchasing and distribution of all sorts of fruit and vegetables. Jasenska currently employs 40 full-time employees, with the number rising to 110 employees during the mandarin season. The growth and development of the company is primarily a result of large investments in production as well as the introduction of modern technologies in the process of production, processing and protection of fruit and vegetables. One of the examples is a recent purchase of a new calibrator with the capacity of 30 000 kg/h used for mandarin sorting. The machine is worth €1.250.000 and was co-financed by the IPARD programme.

The purchasing, processing and packing take place in our centre in Opuzen, which spreads over an area of 10 400 m2. The mandarins are ripened with the help of state-of-the-art technology in 5 modern chambers with a total area of 960 m2 and chilled in 2 chambers with the total area of 620 m2. Together with its subcontractors, Jasenska Ltd. oversees the production of mandarins on around 50 ha of arable land and ensures that it follows the international standards of agricultural production “Global G.A.P.”. We work with around 250 subcontractors and we produce around 7 000 000 kg of mandarins a year, which corresponds roughly to 15% of national production. From the total of purchased mandarins, 86% is exported, while 14% stays on the domestic market.

In the following years we are planning to steadily improve production and processing quality and quantity, while at the same time acting responsibly towards nature and the environment.







% of production is exported


tonnes of mandarins